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Binary System
Thursday March 6
Middle East Upstairs

A great line-up at the Middle East (upstairs) - first up is Milo (I've been told this is excellent solo guitar stuff), followed by Clint Conley (Mission of Burma) and Hugo Burnham (Gang of Four)...what a duo...plus I have the honor of seeing Hugo play my drum kit! Binary goes on after that (11:15), and the headliners are the Kadane Brothers. Can't be sure, but this may be our last local show until summer...

Natalie Flanagan
Sunday, April 27
The Druid, Inman Square, Cambridge

Bad Art Ensemble
Every Wednesday night (10-1) at the Plough and Stars, Cambridge
...now in our 10th year!


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Larry Dersch - Drums

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Roger Miller, Natalie Flanagan, Morphine, Concussion Ensemble, Bentmen, Common Ailments of Maturity, Randy Black, Bad Art Ensemble, Boston Rock Opera, Revolutionary Snake Ensemble, John Lombardo and Mary Ramsey (10,000 Maniacs), Reeves Gabrels (Bowie), Chris Belew (Presidents o/t US), Steve Westfield, Drum Army, Adam Sherman, Tarbox Ramblers

Based in Cambridge, Mass. USA

Photo by Peter Gannushkin Tonic, NYC, 3/16/03