Natalie Flanagan is Lou Reed, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Mazzy Star and Chrissy Hynde are rolled up in one. Her lyrics carry the emotional weight of a Bob Dylan, but unlike Dylan, Natalie never spells it out for you, instead she implies her meanings like an impressionist master. Natalie's gift is that unlike many lyricists, the connection she makes isn't with your brain but with your heart. You may not know what she's singing about, but you feel what she's feeling about if that makes any sense at all. Let is a powerful, emotional experience that reminds me of albums like Bruce Springsteen's The Wild, The Innocent and the E Street Shuffle or Darkness on the Edge of Town. No shit, this is a GREAT record by a true American artist. I got mine free but would gladly have paid retail for it. I think Natalie says it best herself on track 4 "Come in Tokyo" when she says, "Some folks just can't tell what is or isn't real". Well, in case you're clueless this lady is as real as it gets. No offense to the Boss, but if you hear the dogs on Main Street howling these days it's probably for Natalie Flanagan.

-E.J. (Candy for Bad Children)

A feature article from The Boston Phoenix, Dec 12, 2002

Natalie's Official Page at One Way Productions